In-Person Worship

Dear Church Family,

It has been a long time since we last met in-person. Like many of you, I have been longing for the day when we can gather again and worship together. I’m happy to tell you that day is actually here! 

The church leaders and I have approved a “Reopening Plan” that details how we will safely come together for worship and ministry. Our plan closely follows the guidelines and recommendations made by the State of California. We will adapt our policies as these mandates change.



I want you to be prepared for a different experience when we reopen. We will continue to celebrate Jesus Christ as we always have but the changes we’ve made may make Sunday worship feel unfamiliar. These necessary changes will not be permanent. They reflect our needs for right now and they include:

  • All 9:30am service attendees must register (link below)
  • The 9:30am service will take place in the sanctuary but seating will be limited
  • Our hospitality team will seat you as you arrive; 
  • Any contact activities are on hold
  • An offering box will be available as you exit but no offering plates will be passed
  • At the end of the service, you will be dismissed by rows just like at a wedding
  • Only the sanctuary and restrooms will be open. All other rooms will be closed
  • Children are welcome but there will not be any children's church during service
  • Tuesday Bible Study will remain online only


Our primary goal is to keep our congregation, staff, volunteers, and visitors as safe as possible from exposure to COVID-19. We cannot do that unless everyone abides by these policies and procedures. 

I urge all of you to view following these measures through the lens of love, honor, and respect for one another. For the time being, we ask you to commit to: 

  • Wearing a mask at all times, if you are over two years old, even when singing;
  • Maintaining a six-foot distance from one another at all times;
  • Socializing only outside, not in the  sanctuary; 
  • Pre-registering for the 9:30am indoor service through the link below. Registrations will be taken for the following Sunday only. Once our capacity is reached, no more registrations will be taken. If your plans change, please text us at (562) 418-5551 to free up your spot. This will help us manage our seating limitations;
  • Monitoring your health and STAYING HOME, If you feel sick or think you might be or, if you believe you were exposed to the corona virus;
  • Notifying the church office if you become sick or test positive for COVID-19 after attending service at (562) 418-5551. Your name will be kept confidential but, we will notify that service’s attendees of possible exposure, if necessary;
  • Using your best judgement as to whether you and your family can attend safely or should continue worshipping with us online.


I praise God for you, our whole church family, and our ministry together. As we prepare for the day we reopen, I ask for your prayers, your patience, and your participation. Pray that we would have the people and resources we need in place. Be extra patient with one another as we wait and as we worship in different ways than we’re used to. Be ready to do your part by following these guidelines faithfully and treating one another with love, compassion, and grace. Consider helping out as well because we need more people to set up and break down the worship services, run the livestream and presentations, help with ushering, greeting, and hospitality, and more. 

We are all in this together and God is with us. Let us lean on him together and show his love to one another so that through all this, Jesus Christ may be glorified and his love be revealed through us. 

Dominate 21!